Mission Statement

Leitrim Sculpture Centre is a national resource for advancing the practice and knowledge of visual art making and its creative and critical engagement with the ecologies of landscape, place and the rural.
Functioning as a laboratory for creativity and innovation LSC encourages experimentation in the material productions and display of compelling and challenging new work and in the wider public acquisition of traditional and contemporary skills and knowledge across all media. Our programme includes exhibitions, artists residencies, workshops, training, research, masterclasses, talks and practical symposia.
LSC supports research residency opportunities for artist's worldwide working in the areas of social engagement, rural arts and the environment whilst facilitating the technical advancement of new work through practical workshops, professional development and deployment of new technologies.
We advance creative practice for both professionals and the public alike offering opportunities for artists and diverse communities to develop their own creative potential and to explore its wider social application and significance.

The artistic aims of Leitrim Sculpture Centre are to

• Support creativity, innovation and excellence in the productions and practices of contemporary visual arts.

• Advance the material skills and knowledge of traditional and contemporary art making and the professional formation of artists.

• Develop the art form in the rural context through social and environmental arts based research and collaboration.

• Increase public access, participation and engagement in the arts.