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Artists: David Spence, Christine Mackey, Niall Walsh

Title of Exhibition: 'So What is Fracking?'

Date: 15th July - 5th August, 2011

Exhibition Images:

About the Exhibition: Fracking in the Northwest Carboniferous Basin; An artist-led exhibition of information, reports and responses concerning the exploration and commercial use of Shale Gas in Co’s Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh, Ireland.

This ongoing and mobile exhibition was initiated and curated by N. Leitrim based artists and the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in association with local discussion groups as a response to the above proposed development.

The exhibition reflects their commitment to supporting the interface of the arts with the environment and of making information and responses to matters of common concern accessible to the wider public.

The design of the exhibition is carefully orchestrated around the contested and conflicting views and responses from both the pro and anti fracking debates as well as being informed by key EU and National reports attending these important developments. In this way, the exhibition spatialises the arguments and presents an opportunity for the public to engage with divergent views in formulating their own opinions and concerns.

The exhibition is also interactive in that the public can generate their own research and responses in the form of web-based searches and the production of text and image based information, which they can add to this exhibition.

Concieved as a living archive, the exhibition can travel to different locations and grow alongside the ensuing public debate as more information is forthcoming. Public responses are archived after each exhibition in a simple book form and travel with the exhibition to other sites and public arenas, where the process and format for the exhibition is repeated.

Each exhibition archive is returned to the Leitrim Sculpture Centre where it is collated for the next venue. In concluding this public process the exhibition archive will eventually be housed at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre’s library currently under development at the centre.

LSC would like to thank Aideen Mcloughlin for her presentation, Sorcha Fox for her responsive text, to the artists support group at LSC for helping to install the exhibition, the various local discussion groups who are keeping the debate alive and finally to all the organisations and stakholders, public and private, who contribute to its ongoing development. More Info on Fracking Here

David Spence: David Spence is an independent artist & community activist working within the Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

Christine Mackey: Christine Mackey employs diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics in devising works that can generate different kinds of knowledge of place, their hidden histories and ecological formations.

Niall Walsh: Niall Walsh is an Irish artist living & working in County Leitrim.

Acknowledgements: Artists Christine Mackey & Nial Walsh. Also Dervilla Keegan and John Keenleyside for helping to install the exhibition and providing information. Technical support Christy McAteer, PR Richard Cavaliero & Sorcha Ni hEilidhe.

So What is Fracking ?’ – stage 1. Exhibition information and design curated by David Spence and Sean O’Reilly, LSC.