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Artist: Michelle Browne, Artist in Residence 2010/11

Title of Exhibition: 'Jeu Parti'

Date: September 2nd - 24th, 2011

Exhibition Images:


About the Exhibition: This new body of work by artist Michelle Browne looks at Manorhamilton’s situation after the bursting of Ireland’s property bubble. The idea of balance (physical, economic, social) has been a concern in Browne’s work in recent years and this exhibition questions what can happen when the balance between development, community and local needs is thrown off-kilter.

Jeu Parti is Old French for Jeopardy, from jeu game and partir to divide, meaning an evenly divided game, so Jeu Parti refers to a situation of critical balance. It also refers to a form of poetry where a debate or discussion is set up. Browne contrasts the day-to-day lives of the community with the current state of its built environment through a series of works in video, sculpture and drawing that are both playful and unsettling.

From the precarious position of disappointed bridge to the impossibly top-heavy house-on-air, or craps last stake, a constantly repeating game of chance, Browne challenges the viewer to consider their relationship to risk-taking and their role in the ebb and flow of the economic cycle. Browne’s ladders and chairs represent the human scale, the ambitious urge versus the comfort of the status quo behind every important decision, every gamble. 

About the Artist: Michelle Browne is an artist and curator based in Dublin, Ireland. She received a first class honours degree in Sculpture and History of Art from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and a distinction in her Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Administration From University College Dublin. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently taking part in Unfamiliar (USA & Galway), The European Performance Art Festival (Poland), A lens With a Conscience (USA), The National Review of Live Art (Scotland), Urban Wasanii (Kenya), Art@work (Ireland) and The Absolute Dublin Fringe Festival (Ireland). She is currently showing a body of recent work as part of a two person show in Ballina Arts Centre.