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Artists: Donna Legault and Kiera O'Toole

Title of Exhibition: Sonic Drawing

Date: Tuesday 29th August.

About the Exhibition: This collaborative and international project crosses disciplines to create a time-based experience where drawing and sound form the basis of a relational exchange. Traditional notions of authorship are challenged through the translation of the gestural mark into both durational sonic impressions of the drawn surface and incidental sounds of mark making.

These two methods of Sonic Drawing are employed to encourage the participatory response of visitors to the installation space. The incidental sounds of participants drawing actions mingle with durational sounds that are generated live by custom electronics in concert with graphite drawings to create a space of responsive co-creation. Through this intervention, the activation of the exhibition space serves to influence the participants’ perception and interpretation of the sonic gesture.



Donna Legault is a sound and electronic installation artist based in Ottawa, Canada. Her experimental practice investigates opportunities afforded by technology to extend the limits of human perception in the exploration of gesture and resonance in human-non-human relations. Donna holds a BA in Art History from Carleton University, a BFA from The University of Ottawa, and is completing an MFA in Intermedia at Concordia University in Montreal. She has worked as a part-time professor of Electronic Art at The University of Ottawa and is currently a researcher at subTela in Montreal. Her installations and sonic interventions have exhibited widely throughout Canada and abroad. Upcoming engagements include exhibitions at The Ottawa Art Gallery, SAW Gallery, and the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany. Donna’s practice is supported by residency opportunities and grants from The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, Concordia University, Hexagram and SSHRC. http://donnalegault.com

Kiera O’Toole is an independent visual artist and researcher based in The Model, Sligo. Kiera’s practice examines the perceptual experience of drawing and considers the felt and lived experiences of place and non-place and is realised through drawing, digital media and installation. She holds a B.A. Fine Arts from D.I.T. (2000) and a MPhil, Fine Art (2913) from Newcastle University, NSW, Australia. Recent exhibitions include: The Model, Sligo (2017), Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin (2017). Recent residencies include: CFCP (2017) and Greendoor Eco Building Project (2017). Kiera is also establishing an online platform Drawing deCentered, in collaboration with four professional Irish artists to test and experiment the parameters of contemporary drawing practices. http://www.kieraotooleartist.com