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Artist: Aideen Barry

Title of Workshop: Fake Public Art Panel

Date: Friday 5th October

About the Event:

This professional development initiative gave artists the unique opportunity to find out exactly what happens in a public art judging panel. They experienced examples of artist’s applications, by becoming panel members of a public art selection process.

Developed by artist Aideen Barry, the Fake Public Art Panel day allowed 14 artists to assess a range of applications, all fake, but based on real examples submitted for commissions. With insights into the style, quality and content of applications, participants learn how much time each judge spends looking at the submissions and how decisions are reached.
Many artists are regularly making similar errors and limiting their chances of being considered for commissions.

Professional visual artist Aideen Barry has a wealth of experience, both as an artist who submits proposals for public art commissions and as a selection panel judge. At the end of the Fake Judging Panel there was a presentation by Aideen, outlining the key dos and don’ts of submitting public art applications.

This was a Creative Frame initiative. The event was open to all artists, working in all artforms.