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The Samhain Festival Parade is a Manorhamilton Community Arts Collaboration and inter-cultural event celebrating the end of the Summer harvest season, in gaelic as well as other cultures. The parade brought together local schools, communities, street performers, dancers, the Manorhamilton Castle Group and the visual and performing arts venues of the town together to share creativity, well being and respect. In 2018 Leitrim Sculpture Centre expanded the scope of community involvement in the technical resources of the Centre with its Community Workshop Programme II, supported by Creative Leitrim.

Along with the Glens Centre and Bee Park Community Centre, Manorhamilton, LSC opened its doors to a number of different community groups who collaborated on making large-scale sculptural work and performances that were subsequently displayed in the annual Manorhamilton Samhain Parade. The sculptures provided new skills, insights and technical challenges to community members of the town and were inspired by the theme of animals and the mythological Puca of Irish Celtic folklore. Groups participating included The NL Men’s and Women’s Groups, the Manorhamilton Carers Group, the McDermot Terrace Residents Association and three national schools including the Gaelscoil, St Claire’s and Masterson’s.

The LSC workshops were led by two master makers in large-scale puppetry and traditional basket-making respectively and were assisted by a number of experienced artists who also gave workshops in local schools. All of the works were made collaboratively in a manner that brought different people together to share experience and skills.

Simultaneously, the Glens Centre undertook mask-making and performance workshops involving teenage youth groups and the Manorhamilton Youth Rock School provided a performative boost to this large-scale community event..

All of the work made in the workshops was destiined for the Samhain Festival.

The theme of animals for the project reflected and captured some of the folkloric and mythological power of our rural heritage and its Samhain roots. Heritage was further explored through the traditional practice of Creel making and Basketry whose main techniques were directly used and developed in making the sculptures.