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Artist Title Opening Ends

Jen Bradley- Artist in Schools Scheme

"Ways Of Drawing" Mon 11th February Saturday 2nd March
The Arts Education Portal Regional Day Saturday 23rd February Saturday 23rd February
Creative Frame Workshop Programme
Weekend Friday 25th January Saturday 2nd March
Andy Roche "EXPERIMENTS IN SACR3D GEOMETRY" Friday 12th April Saturday 4th May


"Communities in Focus" Friday 3rd May Monday 6th May
Lucy Andrews "Outgrowths" Friday 17th May Wednesday 12th June
Various "The Versaillles Programme" Thursday 30th May Thursday 30th June


"I AM FROM" Tuesday 18th June Saturday 29th June

Katie Holten

"Love Letters"

Friday 28th June Saturday 20th July
Performing North Leitrim I

"Traces" and "The Tin Tabernacle of Tunes"

Friday 20th September Monday 28th October 2019

"Somatic Distortion"

Friday 4th October Saturday 5th October
Various Samhain Festival Thursday 31st October Thursday 31st October
Sofie Foster "CUSTOMS HOUSE" Friday 29th November Sunday 15th December