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Artist: Christine Mackey

Title of Exhibition: THE LONG FIELD

Date: 20th September - 20th October 2020.

About the Exhibition: THE LONG FIELD
Otherwise known as The Long Field, Ireland's hedgerow systems presently make up 327,258 km of land in Ireland. They are an important part of the cultural landscape and have been sites of resistance and change since human cultivation began. In her public exchange event on Main St. Manorhamilton Mackey's playful research installation gathers material from her work on the hedgerows of North Leitrim. Using processes such as digging, drawing, cutting, collecting and documenting Mackey reviews the significance of these endangered landscapes and in conversation with the public explores their strategic importance and future potential in fostering spaces of biodiversity as well as providing sites of inspiration for gardens, nurseries, allotments and various cultural uses. 


Artist Biography: Christine Mackey is an independent research-based visual artist developing projects that attend to the complexity of plant matter and environmental issues. In 2018 she was awarded a Fulbright Award pursuing independent research across educational, museum institutions and residency programmes USA. Recent residencies include Grizedale Arts, England and EUCIDA Digital Residency Programme, Latvia, 2019. Completed a solo exhibition Safe Hold at Wexford Arts Centre in 2020 (cut short due to Covid-19). Recent commissioned work for publications include Politics of Food MIT Press Delfina Foundation, 2020; Becoming Botanical Objet-a-Creative Studio, Glasgow, 2019 and Mutating Ecologies in Contemporary Art, MACBA University of Barcelona. Her work is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland Bursary Award . Presented at Art and the Anthropocence, Trinity College, Dublin, 2019. Exhibiting at ArtWorks Visual Carlow and currently on an Exhibition Residency Programme with Leitrim Sculpture Show completing forthcoming solo show 


The project was jointly funded by Leitrim County Council.