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Artists: Gail Mahon + Aengus Friel

Gail Mahon has invited sound artist and music producer Aengus Friel to extend research into haptic and spatial architectures, where physiological effects of sound echolocate and navigate immediate responses through an audio-soundscapes derived of materiality of body, durational performance processes.

Collaboratively Mahon’s material-based installation and performances works meet Friel’s work in his darkened dreamscapes and evocation of the uncanny. Dark Ecology by Timothy Morton and has a proposed meeting of perspectives in the dialogue the forming the conditions through which we can speculate and investigate stress in shaping our bone physiology as natural ecological changes towards a new hybrid anatomy. The collaborative process will push our practices passed the edges of the visual and sonic mediums into extended sensory priorities with temperature, pain, balance and proprioception, testing our feedback to navigate or open possibilities in ourselves to becoming reflexively aware of both cellular and earth scale simultaneously.

This exchange will be grounds for research in case studies in hybrid anatomies of becoming/being posthuman; as representations of the darkened ‘silences’, ‘redaction’ and ‘erasure’ experienced as both perpetrator and victim feed-back loops of living in the Anthropocene and ecological separation and adaptations. Experiments of echolocation will aim to form questions as a social response towards an immersive a dark meditation through the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) Fight and flight conditions as a suspended moment of compression and tension lived within our changing (bio)architectures.

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Artist Statement: Gail Mahon
Gail Mahon is a Northern Irish artist, research practitioner and educator who experiments with materiality and spatial structures- both unseen and seen- to extend material discussion and agency beyond anthropocentric categories towards earth-ceramic-bone ecologies. The works undercurrents in posthumanism, New Materialism and Animism are tested within her practice of somatically intuitive processes and immersive elements of sound, movement interaction which extend the sensory priorities of proprioception of balance, temperature, pain and position in space then elastically contracts to surface resonate darkened or silenced knowledges held within our bio-architectures. Habitat, conditions and living biospheres are echoed within forms of media as potent social meditations as installation, ceramics, performance, photography, time-based to interdisciplinary collaborations as dialogues over the body as a carrier of changing material culture in the Anthropocene.

Biography: Gail Mahon is an artist, research practitioner and educator; who works from a studio in Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Mahon holds a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, London and visiting lecturer at Ulster University. Her practice extends the notion of materiality through the body via installation, performance, photography collaborations and time-based processes often wider practice conversations through interdisciplinary collaborations. Shortlisted for the V&A ceramics residency 2016. Recipient of Arts Council Northern Ireland SIAP Award 2015, 2012 and 2009. Founder of CAAKE (Collaborative Art and Kinetic Environments), that develops public interventions, exhibitions and active research activities in expanded Art, Material and Performance practice and residencies in Northern Ireland. Her works have been exhibited in Ireland, Italy, U.K, and China. Recent shows include Litumustone InVit(r)o at Verbal Arts Centre, Derry-Londonderry, In Search of the Vernacular, Thameside Studios Gallery, London, and Dissolving Histories: New Narratives, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and performances during ECHO ECHO Dance Theatre Festival, 2019.

Artist Statement: Aengus Friel produces oneiric dreamscape like music inspired by the landscape where the artist grew up. Dreams and local folklore which evokes a sense of evocation, in which Friel visits the past in order for recording methods to damage the audio using tape manipulation. Manually using tape machines and reel to reel tape recorders, the artist produces unique sounds through a series of loops cut and taped together, later sampled back and synthesised; mangled into something either ethereal and trance like or with an intense humming of sheer dread.

Biography: Aengus Friel is an electronic/ambient artist/music producer under the alias 'Shammen Delly', hailing from deep within the hills of Co.Donegal. Friel also performs and produces live events throughout Ireland. Recent events have included the addition of film and reworked found imagery along with experimental live performances, at ‘220 Volts’ event curated by Northern Lights Project, Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, Derry City 2019.

Friel also works site specifically and collaboratively to create unique immersive experiences. 2017 Friel collaborated in an experimental live event in Templebawn Cave.  Aengus Friel worked with Tim Holehouse who performed - dressed as a druid - throat singing to accompany the natural acoustics of the cave. Friel used a series of ambient loops and rhythms emitting sound from a battery powered amp to produce densely hypnotic, ambient soundscapes for an invited amount of people to witness this event in Fermanagh.