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Marcos Temoch, Artist in Residence 2020

Portfolio of previous work (Please click on image to enlarge):


Artist Statement: Through his interventions in public spaces, Temoche generates reflections on how to rethink our relation to different contexts and environments so that we might learn from them. His videos depict actions on the street, which transgress preconceived concepts and behaviors in order evoke the notion that we are subject to constant change and reconstruction. Temoche appropriates anonymous actions found within everyday public spaces targeting contemporary idiosyncrasies we have become familiar with in our daily lives. The performances in his videos are spontaneous short happenings that highlight the moment of excess or leakage that occur in our everyday interactions forcing us to rethink how we live together.

Biography: Marcos Temoche was born in 1982, Caracas Venezuela and currently lives and works in Lima Peru.
He studied painting in the University Institute of Superior Studies of Plastic Arts Armando Reverón. Temoche's artistic process references the fragile and temporal instability of the subject. He conceives of ways in which to rethink our relation to public property, our sense of belonging and the popular idiosyncrasies in daily life from a position of anonymity.