The traditional printmaking studio is housed behind Sheehans studios and includes Etching, Lithography and Silkscreen facilities.

We promote the use of non-toxic printing processes and develop alternative methods for avoiding the use of solvents and chemicals harmful to health and to the environment such as electro etching, galv-on etching etc. see



Facilities include:

  • 1 professional etching and litho press
  • Square hot plate 60×60
  • Litho and silkscreen equipment
  • Assorted tools, blankets and materials
  • Assorted gravers, burnishers, chisels and scrapers
  • Lino and wood gouges
  • Japanese marking knife
  • 4 arkansa stones
  • Range of copper & zinc plates up to 300x 250cm
  • Mezzotint rockers and Roullets
  • Diamond dry points
  • Stop out varnish, soft and hard grounds
  • Range of coloured inks for etching and silkscreen
  • Photo emulsion kit
  • Silk screen bed