Leitrim Sculpture Centre offers a wide range of studio space, technical equipment and support for artists wishing to undertake new work, develop their practice or creatively explore new processes.

Metalwork | Glass | Ceramics | Stone & Wood | Mouldmaking | Printmaking | Digital Media

Our facilities are based in a 1,300 industrial premises known as the ‘Factory’ on New Line, Manorhamilton, and two 4-storey Georgian historic buildings called Sheehan's and McKenna's, both on Main Street.
The Factory provides space and equipment for 3D construction, hot-process and large-scale sculptural work, in the following areas:

  1. LSC Office.
  2. 10 x Private Studios.
  3. Hot Glass, Bronze Foundry, Metalwork, Woodwork, Mouldmaking and Ceramic facilities.
  4. Gallery - 322sq.m.
  5. Project Space – 54sq.m.
  6. Large fabrication area with height of 15m.
  7. Outdoor working yard. 

Sheehan’s provides additional areas for all 2D work in the following spaces:

  1. 10 x Private Studios.
  2. Project Space – 22sq.m.
  3. Archive & Research Centre with 2015 iMac.
  4. Digital Studio with 2006 iMac, Adobe CS5, printer, scanner.
  5. Traditional Printmaking Studio.
  6. Photographic Dark Room.

McKenna’s provides residential accommodation for artists:

  1. 3 x Apartments with private studio.
  2. 4 x Private bedrooms.
  3. 1 x Private studio.
  4. 1 x Shop unit for pop-up exhibitions and public engagement projects.
  5. Shared sitting room, kitchen and laundry room.

To register an interest in working at LSC, please email us at:

You will be sent a Booking Form and Hire Charges, which are also available below for download:

Download Booking Form | View Hire Charges