LSC is unique in Ireland in offering a wide and comprehensive range of technical resources, supports and facility provision. The Centre is designed and constructed around the key material processes and technologies used across all traditional and contemporary visual and fine arts practices.

A key strength of the Centre is its wide range of material and technical resources and space available for artistic development and creative practice. Technical areas are focused on 10 main material processes:

  1. Mouldmaking
  2. Metalwork
  3. Hot Glass
  4. Ceramics
  5. Stone
  6. Wood
  7. Traditional Printmaking (etching, litho, silkscreen)
  8. Digital Media and Print
  9. Video Editing
  10. Analogue Photography


The facilities cover approximately 3000 over three buildings, all in the centre of Manorhamilton, Co Leitrim. We own an industrial premises known as the ‘Factory’ on New Line, and two 4-storey Georgian historic buildings called Sheehan's and McKenna's, both on Main Street.

The Factory provides space and equipment for 3D construction, hot-process and large-scale sculptural work, in the following areas:

•    LSC Office and Maintenance Room.
•    10 x Private Studios.
•    Hot Glass, Bronze Foundry, Stone, Metalwork, Woodwork, Mouldmaking and Ceramic facilities.
•    Gallery – 300
•    Project Space – for ongoing projects or community workshops.
•    Large fabrication area with height of 15m.
•    Outdoor working yard.

Sheehan’s provides additional areas for all 2D work in the following spaces:

•    10 x Private Studios.
•    Digital Studio with a 2015 iMac incl. Adobe Creative Cloud and a 2006 iMac incl. Adobe CS5, printer, scanner.
•    Traditional Printmaking Studio.
•    Photographic Dark Room.
•    Video Editing Suite.
•    Outdoor working yard and garden.

McKenna’s provides self-catering residential accommodation for artists:

  1. 3 x Residential studios.
  2. 5 x Private bedrooms.
  3. 1 x Private studio.
  4. Shared sitting room, kitchen, utility and bathrooms.
  5. Community Pop-Up Shop for exhibitions and public engagement projects.
  6. Outdoor working yard and garden.


Technical Support is part of our commitment to assisting all artists at the Centre develop new work in a safe environment. This involves one-to-one work with artists on residence and on a daily basis using specialized plant, equipment and includes workshop provision and administrative assistance in supplies and procurement. 

General Technical Support is free and includes preparing space, maintenance and checking of equipment, Health and Safety implementation on the shop floor and extends to the installation of all exhibitions and site-specific projects.

Direct Artistic Technical Support is also provided at a subsidised rate and includes standard or advanced/specialist supports in the development of new work. This is available through the Technical Support Consultants and Tutors who are registered as Technical Support providers at the Centre.

All costs to hire facilities or obtain technical support and accommodation at the Centre are subsidised by the Arts Council.

To obtain a quote for facility hire, technical support or accommodation please email us: