Stone and wood facilities are housed in the largest open planned space in the factory at 275 sq.metres. The space has a height of 15 metres and benefits from direct access to the yard where large stone or other materials can be delivered directly and worked.




The Stone area has a range of lifting gear to cater for movement of heavy sculpture and the delivery of large scale work often used in public commission work. The facility has the provision of two ‘Water walls’ which draw stone dust away from the user and keeps dust to a minimum in the surrounding atmosphere.

Facilities include:

• 2 x Waterwalls Martini Aeroimplanti

• Air compressor

• Bench grinder

• Pallet trucks

• Konig gantry

• Floor crane

• Manual block lifter


Woodworking shares the same space as stone as well as an the outdoor yard area for daylight work.

Facilities include:

Woodcarving Tools – Assorted, mallets, chisels included

• Table saw

• Mitre saw

• Pillar drill

• Corded drill

• Router

• Horizontal drill

• Lathe

• Wet & Dry bench grinder